Whiskey Bottle

Retro Hotmud
07/28/08 07:21 pm

Persuaded, paraded, inebriated, and down
Still aware of everything life carries on without
“Cause there’s one too many faces with dollar sign smiles
Got to find the shortest path to the bar for a while

There’s trouble around, it’s never far away
The same trouble’s been around for a life and a day
I can’t forget the sound, ’cause it’s here to stay
The sound of people chasing money and money getting away

In between the dirt and disgust there must be
Some air to breathe and something to believe
Liquor and guns the sign says quite plain
Somehow life goes on in a place so insane

A long way from happiness
In a three-hour-away town
Whiskey bottle over Jesus
Not forever, just for now
Not forever, just for now

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