Six Years

Retro Hottmud
07/19/06 07:17 pm

Maybe we’re the lucky ones
‘Cause we can choose to turn it off
Maybe we’re the lonely ones
‘Cause we decide to shield what’s soft

I’m sure you’ll learn to dance and drink and dream
but you might still feel lost

And I see myself in you my friend
but I would break where you would bend
I’m calling on what you defend and tonight I won’t hold back

The Loved Ones

Yes folks, it’s the “anniversary post”. So six years ago there was a little thing on the nets that called itself E/N. Ostensibly that stood for “Everything and Nothing” but it was more like “Entertainment and News”. I’d link to a history of E/N but they all seem to have gone the way of the internet dinosaurs. Lets just say that this was long before Blogger or Livejournal or god help us Myspace and Friendster. Many of the “free” webhosts of the day allowed the use of “backend ” CGI programs and some of the geekier netziens saw this as an opportunity for what I like to think of as nano scale self publishing. They posted things they were interested in or they posted angsty social commentary or quite often some good ‘ol pornography. There were intersite rivalrries and lots of virtual back patting too. Some people got way too big and nearly all have faded away. I’ll admit the heydey of this site was 2001-2003 when we had a crew of six voices all adding to the mix. A concurrent phenomenon known as weblogging eventually pushed the snotty nosed step sibling E/N into the dustbin of the internet. (Alright not quite all of them but I’m trying to be poetic and serious here, indulge me mmkay?)

In the summer of 2000 I was at a point in my life where I was ending old things and starting new ones. Six years later and six blocks north I sit here once again typing words into a box on a screen trying to make some sense of the world. Once again, I’m ending old thngs and starting fresh. Six years, that’s the cycle. I can see it clearly from a forty four year perspective. Two months in, and I’ve got nothing but time.

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