Schadenfreudian Slip (K)not

Retro Hotmud
10/19/06 10:40 pm

Does anyone else think Mike Chertoff looks like warmed over death? As dead as Habeus Corpus no doubt. You can almost see the little horns sprouting on his forehead. Geez this guy makes my teeth itch. Eh, he’s not going places cuz he went to Hahvahd and not Yale. Gotta be S&B to be anyone these days.

My goodness, someone might actually get a fucking clue using teh intarweb. Who’d a thunk it. Oh wait, if they do get a clue we can just have them disappeared. That’ll be awesome dude! Just ask Jose Padilla. (Alright, JP may not be the most upstanding citizen of the U S of A, but he should deserve all the rights the rest of us have. Not only that, he just might walk because the government have a case about as thin as the Olsen Twin’s cumulative waistlines.)

This guy’s got two disasters under his belt in a few short years. The utterly charming “War on Terra” and the breathtaking “FEMA response to Hurricane Katrina”. We’re supposed to actually think he’s got a shred of credibility? We should listen to what he says?

Am I finally on someones list? Is this radical enough? Good.

No fears kiddies, there’s a ray of light shining through the cracked and dirty windows of this dark dark house we call America. It will shine on the vampires( Bush, Cheney, Rummy, Condi, Rovey and their minions) that have held so many in their thrall. It will end in sulphur and ashes.

And then, just for grins, things are gonna get truly ugly.

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