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09/09/2003 Entry: “carpet of gold, carpet of bombs, carpet of gray wool”

I’ve been thinking for the last week or so about what I might have to say about the second anniversary of what has now become known simply as 9/11.

I think I really knew something was wrong even before that Tuesday. I wrote about the protests and near riot only blocks from my house when the Republican convention was here in Philadelphia in the summer of 2000. Bush got the nomination and in November was “elected” in one of the most polarized elections in our history.

I could go on a long vehement screed against the Bush administration but that would paint things black and white and nothing else. I won’t play to that ploy to keep people divided. As is often the case the murky gray is much more telling than the bright shiny periphery. Plus I’m not at all convinced Bush is the pinnacle of stupid and evil, he is only just bright enough to cope. He could never ever have gotten where he is on his own. Know your enemies.

I read this interesting op/ed at The gist is the writer is in line at an office supply and sees a woman buying lots of what seems to be school supplies. She is buying materials for her Los Angeles school district first grade class knowing full well she will not be reimbursed. The writer’s response was “You mean we can spend $4 billion a month to keep the military in Iraq, but we can’t afford crayons for first-graders?” and he’s right. I would be willing to bet that you could easily pick any city or town in this country and find a carbon copy of this story. This isn’t Bill O’Reilly versus Al Franken, right versus left, conservative versus liberal, this is about the middle. This is about the small things and how they add up. There’s nothing glamorous about a first grader not getting some crayons. The money they spent landing the President on that aircraft carrier for a photo op could have bought the school district all the crayons they needed.

On Setptember 12 2001 I wrote “There have been a lot of September 11th’s in history. Things happened on those days too. Small things, insignificant things. Yesterday will always be remembered as the day things changed and things, no matter how insignificant, will never be the same.”

On Thursday this week around 10,000 babies will be born in this country. In eighteen years what kind of world will we have to offer them? Will we still be so glued to our tv’s that we will simply forget to fix anything? I think they will simply come and kill us while we sleep. Think about that one, what if 100,000 kids decided their parents had failed to give them a proper world in which to live their adult lives imposing a simultaneous death sentence on all. 200,000 dead parents. Now that’s the kind of righteous mindfuck that makes a bunch of Saudis with box cutters crashing a couple of planes look like a sunny day in the park.

Anybody else think we’ve got some serious work to do? Good, because those kids are going to want their crayons.


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