Retro Hotmud
08/05/08 09:55 am

So I guess that once again I am back. I apologize for the site being completely offline for a bit. The feral monkeys I hired to do the accounting for the vast financial empire that is forgot to pay the bill for the domain registration so about 3 or 4 of you saw a holding page for a week. Those responsible have been sacked. Unfortunately for the rest of you
out there I feel less bad about the twenty months or so without a post.

But hey I’m a really busy guy. Lots of places to do, people to go, smells to see…and speaking of incoherent gibberish, I got a strange drunk dial the other day from my infamous evil twin Skippy. It took quite a bit of deciphering of the voice mail just to figure out that it was him and in the end the rest of the message was just a recipe for Pruno. So I guess ‘ol Skip is once again chillin at Club Fed for weaving his Black Hat magic. Skateboarding is not a crime kids, but hacking investment banks most certainly is.

Happy belated 8th birthday to The remedial math and reading tutors last summer did the trick and we passed third grade this year. The Ivy League awaits.

In Rotation: The Gaslight Anthem and Jennifer Nettles.

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