My Evil Twin has a Posse

Retro Hotmud
05/08/06 07:13 pm

Any of the old shoolers around here will remember my rogue personality shard “Skippy the Evil Twin”. He makes his appearance every so often and he generally flings his poo around like an orangutan with ADD, stinks up the place for a bit, and then disappears for months at a time. I’m pretty sure that some of his away time has been in prison. Bad home made tattoos and a funny hitch in the way he walks. Anyway so my buds at work have a little group going over at Rupert Murdoch’s little slice of indie street cred so I thought that maybe I’d join the fray but as I sat down to make an account Skippy snuck up behind me and hit me in the back of the head with a thirty pound sturgeon. Thank goodnes it wasn’t frozen. While I was out cold Skippy decided that it would be “funny” to try and make the ugliest Myspace page ever.

I think he has a shot, this makes my eyes want to kill kittens and puppies.

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