In Rotation Part Deux

Retro Hotmud
11/01/06 09:49 pm

My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade

I accidentally caught the video for the title song from MCR’s new album on Gootube the other day. I’d seen MCR a couple of times opening shows for their fellow Jerseyites Bouncing Souls and thought they were okay screamo but I wasn’t all that impressed. My initial reaction was that the song sounded like Queen put through a Green Day filter. Well after a bit of digging the album was produced by none other than Rob Cavallo who also produced Green Day’s American Idiot. He also produced Less Than Jake’s Anthem. No wonder I have been listening to this on permanent loop for the last couple of days. Throw in the fact that they borrow heavily from Pink Floyd’s The Wall (yes this is a concept album) and I’m just hooked. It’s not too surprising that this album has generated about as much venom as it has praise. You know the jaded rock press, I think it was RS that called it “the best mid seventies album of 2006”. Kind of a back handed compliment but not so bad.

Of course if this is way too uncool for you then go back to listening to The Lawrence Arms‘ completely brilliant Oh Calcutta! This is probably the best punk album of 2006 and I get to finally see these guys this week. Look at me I’m cool and uncool at the same time.

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