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Retro Hotmud
04/26/06 09:39 am

Or I guess this might be more appropriately titled “Too Much(Jim Steinman is never ever enough)”

I know this is from October/November of last year but I of course missed it because I suck.

Yes, it’s a Norwegian Lo-fi industrial pop band called Hurra Torpedo with an inspired performance of Bonnie Tyler’s smash hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

Their first US tour was documented in the indie film “The Crushing Blow” which can be seen for all I can tell in it’s entirety at that link because it’s all a fake. It’s pretty damn funny but in the end it’s only viral marketing for FORD, well at least according to the wiki, but from the looks of their homepage and their Myspace they are very much for real and touring America again this summer.

Who to believe? Or does it really matter.

On an unrrelated note the INCOMPARABLE Ze Frank has started a little news commentary video blog called Ze Frank: The Show that is totally hilarious. Go watch. Now. Really, do as you’re told ‘fore I whup yo punk ass.

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