Exes and Ohs

Retro Hotmud
07/11/06 10:00 am

Is it safe to come out? Hey where’d the bed go?

Oh yeah, I was having some renovations done at palatial Casa Hotmud. Things seem …smaller though, and all my furniture is gone.

Damn this place is really empty. Oh okay there’s a slip of paper over there in the corner. Whaddaya know it’s Victoria’s Secret receipt. There’s something scrawled on the back in black finepoint marker.

Heh. It says:

This little mental image is causing scar tissue to
form at an unbelievable rate as my brain tries to
burn its image from my long term memory banks.

“…of course for the links I’ll probably substitute pictures of a Ron
Jeremy/Nell Carter/Gary Coleman bi-love threesome. “

In my handwriting it then says:

“Eeek, I kinda forgot about that one.

Um, sorry?

Did that sound insincere?

Eh, some days you just feel like Hannibal Lecter at a
Chilean plane crash and everything seems right in the

“If you were always happy you wouldn’t be a human
being, you’d be a game show host.”

Wow that is just way too weird. Oh yeah, I’m back I guess.

Got mucho to jabber on about, unfortunately most of you will never pass the stringent vetting process. Get over it babycakes.

Oh snap! Sprinextel gives an early xmas present to all those professional stalkers out there. Then they promptly fix this rather glaring blunder before things get too hairy.

Hello right hand? Yeah, this is left hand, what’cha doing?

Keep that dial tuned, I’ve got some retro hotmud for ya and an assload of links backing up my browser. Soonish.

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